Body Update

The reconstruction and repair of the body went well in the past weeks. As you see in the pictures the neck is ready. You have an old one and the finished one, both left and right. also, the closing pins and holes are now in the mould and you can see them around the body so it will fasten properly. As you see on one side now there is a lip on the inside that is sealing the body up to the underarms so the sand will not go out.

There is still some work to make it a properly functional mould but it will not be long. For the first time, we have a 2 weeks estimate for finishing the mould. Again an estimate but it is the first time we can have one. If nothing goes unexpectedly it can be even faster. After that painting and shipping.

Thank you for the patience.

We have broken it so you can see how it will close on the inside.