Production Update

We know it’s been long since our last update, but honestly, we’ve been mostly in the workshops and factories we are working with, making sure everything will be perfect. So here it goes:

We know it’s been long since our last update, but honestly, we’ve been mostly in the workshops and factories we are working with, making sure everything will be perfect. So here it goes:

The Lighting Fixtures

A few months ago we realised, by going to different events regarding lighting fixtures and comparing it to other lamps, that the Lampsters/ Lightsters first lights couldn’t be upgraded to keep up with other lighting products. So, because the product was top notch from a design point of view, we consider that we have to make the lights top notch as well, therefore, a few months ago we started developing a new electronic board from zero.

We had an idea about the lighting system, and with the help of specialised engineers, we managed to make it a reality.

Imagine that we started from a simple white and coloured LED bulb, with limited functionality, like the colour change, and after a few tests and prototypes, we managed to create a new lighting fixture worthy of the Lampster/ Lightster.

The new lighting system is not just a bulb, is an electronic lighting system build around the Lampster/ Lightster, with an enormous amount of new features, improved light, and triple the initial power of the Kickstarter Lampster/ Lightster.

You might even say that at 15W of power, it’s one of the most powerful desk lamps in the world. The reason we kept it quiet this entire time because there were some patents involved.

The light board consists of 120 LED lights, with a total power of 15W. 9.5W for the white light, and 5.5W for the RGB light. The LEDs will be are arranged in such a way that no matter wich ones you turn on, the light spreads equally around the glass. A bulb placed in the middle, no matter how powerful, wouldn’t have been able to do that, because LEDs are more focused to spread the light in one area and not spread it all around like a halogen bulb.

There are 48 white LED lights split in 24 with cold lights, and 24 with warm lights. When you light them together, you will have a neutral light. After that, by increasing or decreasing either of them, you will be able to have the exact white colour light you want. From 100% warm to 100% cold light.

The RGB light has 72 RGB LEDs arranged in a ray pattern, and that’s a huge increase over the initial design.

Another key feature wich we wanted but wasn’t possible in the old version is that, now, the Lampster/ Lightster will have over the air firmware upgrade, so, if we will add new features, or fix possible bugs, you will be able to update the latest software version.

We also switched from Bluetooth 3.0 to 4.0. The new hardware and Bluetooth chipset lets us add new features like multiple Lampsters/ Lightsters control! Now, you can control as many Lampsters/ Lightsters as you want, have a wake-up alarm, message or call notifications, power boost and endless possibilities of new functions wich will be added for free in the future, and everyone will be able to upgrade to them.

Another upgrade is the temperature sensor; wich is used as a safety feature. If the lamp overheats it will automatically reduce the power or it will shutdown.

To get a better, and cleaner light, we added a light dispenser, wich filters and spreads the light, so there are no unwanted patterns from the glass of the headlight.

Please take into consideration that the entire board of the Lampster/ Lightster has 237 components, so it’s no longer just a bulb. This part of the project was taken from zero, and this is a completely new product development, but totally worth it.

The moulds for the headlight

We were advised to rebuild the moulds for the headlight from zero according to the new presses and technology used. Because it was a commitment in the campaign that we would use the original ones, we wanted to find a solution and work with those. The problem was that the old headlight moulds used a specific old press wich no longer exists or is being manufactured.

Engineers and the manufacturer had to redesign parts and procedures for making the headlights by using the old mould. This is an engineering process wich took time because, also, we tried a lot of other solutions wich didn’t work.

The old headlights

The old headlights, after we unpacked them, began to raise huge logistical issues. First of all, many of them were rusted, so we had to dismantle them piece by piece, sandblast and prime them so they wouldn’t rust again.

The glass of the old headlights was tinted from oil and other substances so that meant every piece of glass had to be cleaned manually, everything put back together and even polished. Some of them were even cracked. This is a labour intensive job. Almost every step was done manually. So we stopped that as it will take either tonne of money or years to complete. Now we are working with a company that is developing some tools to make this automated, therefore much faster.

The mould for the body

First, we started with an aluminium mould that was faster to produce (2 months), but it lasts for a lower number of injections. Because the number of Lampsters/ Lightsters increased, we cancelled that one, and we switched to a new mould( this one is taking three months to manufacture), made from a harder alloy, that would hold up to 100.000 units. Otherwise, we would have had to make a new mould for every 15.000 units.

The new mould is 75% ready, and it should be finished at the end of August. After that, the mould would be able to produce thousands of bodies per week.

Even if it raised a lot of issues for this type of production, we still used the recycled plastic, and the Lampsters/ Lightsters will come with a certificate for that.

We are apologising for the lack of updates, but there was a tonne of work and a lot of problems to resolve.

We’ll post updates more often from now on, at least once a month!

We try to answer as fast as we can to all the emails, messages and comments, sometimes more than 500 per day. So maybe sometimes we are exhausted, tired and lack the same physical enthusiasm from the beginning, but we are fully committed. We started with an incredibly designed product, and we will end with the best design, the best lighting system and the best electronics in a lamp, on the market.

Again, thank you very much for your patience and for the support messages we’ve received.

Here’s a video with the details about production: