Dear Backers,

Because everybody was asking about an update and you were waiting for the survey, we wanted to keep you posted on our progress. The survey itself it’s a little bit late because of a large number of orders.

The survey itself it’s not the big issue, It’s very important how the information on the survey is managed because the data of the survey has to integrate with over three logistics and fulfillment centers. For example, the orders came from over 40 countries so precise information and compatibility of the data is very important.

The survey will come as soon as all the integration tests are done and we want to take our time so we won’t have costly mistakes after that.

About the overall production.

Because the number of Lampsters, including after sales surpass everybody’s expectations we had to adapt and change some of the initial production technology we chose. For example, some moldings and injection technologies are cost efficient at different quantities. So this had to adapt according to orders also from the point of view of the fabrication time. Some machines are slower but good for 1000 copies some of them are faster but need a large number of products.

At this number of units, it’s very important to take it step by step with extreme caution. For example, even the cheapest part which can cost a few dollars; multiplied by over 10.000 orders can present some risks. After the pre-production stages when you have the final production prototypes you have to be sure that every part and every piece works flawlessly; otherwise, any correction during that stage it’s a huge loss in time and money. We are saying this because if at a normal project you would have 1000 units compared to 10000 units, mistakes are easily corrected. Once you send orders to manufacturers you have to be 100% that everything is perfect so you have to check 10 times and order once. This is a general overview and how we see things so this project can be a success. When we’ll reach the final preproduction stages we will keep you updated more often; as we’ll have a lot of new information.

Regarding communication; we answer as fast as we can to all the comments; messages; emails on Kickstarter, facebook (100% response rate in under 15 min), Instagram, tweeter. On average, we receive about 150 emails on a daily basis. Just in the last 4 days of the campaign, our demand increased by 30%. In the last day of the campaign, there were over 1500 orders. After we ended the project the orders continued to come, and just in the last months we had to scale it a few times. . Postcampaign we received an average of 2100 orders monthly and counting.

The fact that the number of countries is high made us get more certifications in order to be able to send the lamps. This project has to be scaled so it will cope also with the upcoming orders. It’s very important to deliver something great. This was more of an administrative period, some suppliers increased the price because of the success of the project, some of them could not keep up with the orders etc.

Nothing out of the ordinary for such an incredibly successful project, just that it required to be rescaled to a bigger level. Imagine the post-Kickstarter orders are over the Kickstarter orders. Rest assured that we will keep the priority as the orders came in. The custom orders made on Kickstarter will be the only custom ones. We are no longer taking custom orders. As the production stages get closer and closer we will update much often with info and pictures.

Thank you again for your support !

This is how a day at our office looks like 🙂