Hey, backers!

10 days have passed since we’ve launched the Lampster on Kickstarter, and the feedback has been amazing! We’ve got featured on blogs like designboom, hypebeast, yanko design, contemporist and even went viral on 9gag 🙂

Of course, we’ve been working on the next stretch goal and we’re ready to present it to you! It consists of three detachable pieces: a paratrooper x harness, a cable organiser and a pen holder! Keep them on the Lampster or take them with you when you need to.

Because the support has been amazing, and we wanted to include them for everybody, we’ll be able to add these for FREE to all Lampsters if we’ll pass 350k!


To unlock this stretch goal; help us continue to spread the word about the project!

Thank you, again, for making all this possible!



Radu & Andrew