Shipping and production Update

Sorry for the late update but you already know we are slow! Lately, we’ve been really busy working at the workshop, packing, and shipping. Initially, we planned for a November update but got into December so we decided to keep it for the end of the year.


Progress so far

Over 2300 units have been shipped and 370 ready for grouping. We are finishing around 300 – 400 bodies each week. This is still the hardest part of the production process.

We’ve even managed to reach 500 units per week, but quality couldn’t be maintained so we decided to reduce the quantity back to 300- 400 units.

The next colours in the line are blue, white, gold, silver and pink.

As you’ve requested transparency, we estimate our last deliveries will happen in June.

How shipping happens

To explain a bit how the lamps are being delivered We are sending them, by colour, style, plug, location and backer number.

We’ve shipped larger or smaller quantities to all areas, but now, because the number of packages is increasing, we group into pallets orders from locations that are far away and send them in bulk. There are a lot of combinations, over 100 and we have to wait for the pallets to get completed before shipping to some regions.

For example, if we have 80% of units completed for a region, we have to wait for for the rest of the colours from that region to have the pallet completed before shipping.

First shipments went to the US, then Europe as  logistics was a lot easier. Next year we will continue with US and EU, then Australia and Asia.


Fast shipping option

As requested by many of you, if there’s somebody who wants it shipped individually without waiting for the grouping of units, we can send it with a delivery system of his choosing as long as he covers the extra cost his courier charges. From the total amount he has to pay, we will subtract the amount he already paid during the campaign. We are not making any money on shipping.

To make it clear, we don’t request extra for shipping, but if you want to, you have this option. Again, this is because of the request of some backers as they don’t want to wait for grouping.

Shipping challenges along the way

So far not all deliveries were happy deliveries, some units arrived with a broken glass, but we’ve already shipped replacements for those. (these happens when you are dealing with real glass)


As you’ve seen, there is someone who’s taking care of support. Please note, it’s hard to have a date for every package and a fast answer to every question. We do keep an open line of communication, and try to respond as fast as we can.

Important notes

If you have any issues with your lamp, please contact us at [email protected]

For any shipping issues: [email protected]

We are looking forward to seeing photos of your Lampsters once you’ll receive them!


Tutorials & FAQ

These will also be on our website soon!

1. Fill just 1/3 of the body with sand.

2. Assembling the x-harness and head.

3. Connecting to Bluetooth:

– make sure your Bluetooth is activated on your mobile phone.

– open the Lampster app – it will automatically detect the Lampsters around you

– activate them by clicking the switch, then enter the controll menu


If your Lampster stops working do a hard reset:

1. unplugging the lamp for at least 30 sec. if you unplug it for less than 30 sec the lamp will still retain the last settings.

2. turn off your bluetooth if it’s on – shut down all the apps on your phone or restart your phone 

3. plug the Lampster back in

4. turn on your bluetooth.

5. start the app and connect to the lamp visible on your screen

As an info – when you connect the first time to a lampster you will be directed to setup a name and color for your lampster.

Our first unboxing video and first reviews

Thank you so much for the kind words and photos!

Show must go on

For who were criticising us for still taking orders, you have to understand this is still a business at the end of the day, and we do have to continue expanding the company, searching for retailers, and finding new ways to promote this product.

We are positive that if we wouldn’t have had the mould issue we would be at least 6 months ahead. Unfortunately, this happened, and we were able to reduce as much as possible the delays considering the total damage.

Regarding the start for the Army one, the legal issues have been solved and now it’s back in the design.

Thank you again for your patience!

Everyone will receive their Lampster and we promise, as soon as we’ll get over this period we’ll provide more info.

This wouldn’t be possible without your help, we know some of you are upset but we are sure you will change your mood once you receive your Lampster.

Our workshop

We’ve added pictures from our workshop, and we work on painting, packing and shipping them as fast as possible. We are really proud of our little space, and we love seeing them as they are made one by one.