Shipping update!


We’ve shipped 615 so far, 250 red artsy, 275 green army, 40 red, 50 green.

We still have 320 glued bodyes and we’ll make a 400 pieces lot, these will be all styles and colors from green and red.

We will pass the first 1000 pieces soon. Gluing goes well, painting really well.

Finishing is slower then the other operations and it’s the most time consuming at this point.

Everybody receives an e-mail asking for confirmation from us a few days before shipping and you have 48 hours to confirm or ask us to update the address.  After it’s shipped you will receive an e-mail from UPS with the tracking number. If you need to change anything at that point you can call UPS directly.

From the ones sent, 41 haven’t been picked from the courier!

There is a problem we’ve encountered, if you move to a zone with a different plug than the one ordered, we can change it but it might require some time! You can also confirm that you will keep the old plug.

We will have from now on, lots of 250 to 400 shipped.

The next added color is black, after blue and yellow.

We’ve scaled up the finishing of the bodies, but there is still a learning curve.

A few things that came up from the ones that received it:

– the lamp blinks twice when you reach the minimum or maximum by touching it.

– the timer and presets are selected by a press and hold, not just by one press.

-some asked about where the washer was and that they couldn’t find it. The washer and a spare is in the same envelope as the cleaning cloth.

All the best,

Radu and Andrew