Hello, backers!

The software went really well during this period, we added all the basic functions and some more. We also added the turbo feature, an eco mode so you can see and manage the consumption of the lamp. Now you can have and save presets of the settings (for example a specific light combination for reading, one for writing etc.)

The functions of the press button had to be modified as at the beginning the button controlled the white LEDs but now you have two types of white LEDs. We also finalised the lab testing and we have all the figures for the lamp like lumens, angles, colour spectrum and all the other parameters(for those interested this figures will be published in the next update). Software wise only a part of the OTAP has to be finished and tested. Over 85% is done and it works. As for the rest of the parts, as in the last update, things are going normal and there were no issues. The rubber shoes are being manufactured and will be ready by the end of the month!

The neck

As there were a lot of questions, we will also address the neck issue.

As you can see in the first pictures, that was the first model of the neck. The shape was good as the head was sliding in smoothly but on the back, it was hollow and when moving the head with force some crack could appear at the merging of the two pieces. As you see in the next pictures this is how the change will look. It’s not ready yet as it will have a lot more „vertebras” so it will be more resilient. This has to be done to all 4 moulds and to both pieces (two moulds makes one-half).

We set our goal to deliver in q1.