Thank you for the journey!

Thank you for believing in us!

We are overwhelmed and amazed by your support! Now, thanks to all of you, the Lampster will come to life and spread all around the world!

From now going forward We’ll be sending a consistent number of micro updates on manufacturing progress as we near completion and finally shipping. We’ll also be sending emails which require action, so I’ll put “ACTION REQUIRED” in the subject line so you know they’re actionable.

Next step is: surveys! Within the next months, we will be sending you a survey which you’ll need to respond to so we’ll know what colors and styles you’ll want, and where to send your Lampsters. The surveys will be “ACTION REQUIRED” 🙂

After you complete the survey our entire team will be working around the clock to create your unique Lampster and make sure it gets to you!

If you have any questions send un an email at [email protected] 🙂

Thank you so much again!

Andrew & Radu