Assembling the head

Take the plastic washer out from the cleaning cloth bag and place it in the neck metal mechanism before assembling it.

Connecting to bluetooth

– make sure your Bluetooth is activated on your mobile phone.

– open the Lampster app – it will automatically detect the Lampsters around you

– activate them by clicking the switch, then enter the controll menu


If your Lampster stops working do a hard reset:

1. unplugging the lamp for at least 30 sec. if you unplug it for less than 30 sec the lamp will still retain the last settings.

2. turn off your bluetooth if it’s on – shut down all the apps on your phone or restart your phone 

3. plug the Lampster back in

4. turn on your bluetooth.

5. start the app and connect to the lamp visible on your screen

As an info – when you connect the first time to a lampster you will be directed to setup a name and color for your lampster.

Touch Button