The Lamp with Attitude

The most funded lamp in crowdfunding history!

Lampster/ Lightster

More than just a lamp!

We’re team of creative and free thinking designers and tech enthusiasts. We combine the best of our skills and ideas to present you something really worth your attention.

Any color you want!

Change the color and intensity of the light any way you want!

Sync it to the beat

The Lampster/ Lightster can be the life of the party! Just sync it to your music and it will flash to the beat.

Control it using your mobile device!

Use your tablet or smartphone to set the colour and intensity!

Touch for light

Just want to light it up, touch the Lampster/ Lightster and it will light up

Your Lampster's/ Lightster's color

You can choose any colour or style you want, each Lampster/ Lightster is hand painted, and unique!

The most powerful desk lamp!

120LEDs and 12w of power make this the most powerful desk lamp in the world!


It's been almost two years since it all began!

It all started from some old headlight we had around the workshop. We wanted to give them some use, and make something funny to have around the house; not some dull ugly lamp. So after many sketches we came up with the Lampster\ Lightster! The shape is one of power and confidence, and being with colors and like some kind of a robot; makes it really fun to have around the house.!

The Lampster in Action

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