Production Update #2

Hello, dear backers!

For the past 1.5 months, we’ve been working to finish all the small issues with the body, a lot of progress has been made. As you’ll see in the pictures, some are areas are greatly improved and others are small and can’t bee was seen, but do add up on the entire piece.

Basically, they are adjusting the molds even with 1/10 of mm by adding or taking out material on the final mold so the two halves will fit perfectly.

The other heads were painted so hopefully, this will be the last update until shipping, and if things go well we estimate we’ll finish all the work on the body in 2-4 weeks!

We have also prepared some surprises you’ll find when unboxing.

There are still a few surveys uncompleted but for that, we’ll contact those backers directly.

Again, everything is going well, ready and waiting for the body.

Thank you for your patience!