Hello dear backers!

We are ready to show you our new update!

First of all, what’s new in the box!

We’ve included some cool accessories that will come in the box for all the Kickstarter backers! A set of rubber shoes with a unique design is now included in the box.

Initially, it had rubber pads so it wouldn’t slip or scratch the furniture, but those didn’t look so god so we made him shoes.

Also, there will be an agricultural dust bag, the leather accessories and a cleaning cloth for the glass of the headlight.

The headlights, aluminium neck and brass touch button.

As we’ve shown you in the previous updates, the extra headlights will be made using the original tractor moulds.

In order to securely hold the light board, we’ve had to add a few metal pieces to the headlight. As seen in the video, this operation is done by hand and takes a bit of time. Each headlight has over 24 welding operations applied.

The necks are made using recycled aluminium. These also required a special mould where the melted aluminium is inserted.

We now have all the headlights and aluminium necks ready.

The touch button is made out of a solid piece of brass and polished to remove any tool marks.

The Lights Board

There have been a few revisions, and after testing, the final Revision 3 has entered production. As you will see in the video, the layout of the board is custom made for The Lampster.

The board that holds the LEDs is white for a better reflection of the light. It has 120 LEDs, being simply THE MOST POWERFULL DESK LAMP with 12w of power.

Sensors  monitor the temperature and turn it off if it overheats. The components used are only from major players on the market and of top quality.

The board alone contains 253 individual components.

Internal Software and Mobile App

The internal software that will be implemented on every light board is being tested, and new features are added.

After making first design version of the app, our programmers started working on it. It’s now being tested making sure there won’t be any bugs.

New wake-up alarm, group notifications by colors for mobile calls, and many others that will be revealed in a separated update.


A new style will be available soon and it will replace the Duotone that will no longer be available! That is the zombie style, whit it’s own style of clothing, that will be available for Kickstarter backers on IndieGoGo in demand!

Also, separate sets of new accessories are coming! Angel, Demon, Military, Syndicate.